Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

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Leather seats look and feel luxurious and supple when new, but won’t stay that way long without proper care. Dirt tends to work its way into the leather, staining it, and getting more and more difficult to get out until the discoloration is permanent. This is made worse by Arizona’s dry climate, which tends create fine cracks in the leather, providing a perfect place for dirt to work its way in deep, making the cracks highly visible as well as damaging the leather further. That’s why it’s so important to stay ahead of this process by cleaning and conditioning your seats regularly. At Cleaner Quicker Carwash and Detailing, we have the expertise and the best products to help you keep them beautiful and supple like new. Don’t let them go too long. Stop in and let us check them out for you.

3 Exterior Tunnel washes w/ no-scratch neoprene brushes, up to 19 treatments incl. hand prep; 3 Express Interior Details, Full range Luxury Details- Clay, Buff, Paint Protection, Seats, Carpets, Paint, & Headlight Restoration, Scratch Removal &more