The Flex-Serve model is the future of the carwash industry because it serves customers better. That’s why we chose it.

At Cleaner Quicker Car Wash, Flex-Serve model makes you the boss

At Cleaner Quicker Car Wash, the flex-serve model makes you the bossThe flex-serve model lets you pay for just what you want done to the outside and just what you want done to the inside each time you come in. It doesn’t force you to buy something you don’t want and need on a given day, or not get something you do need that day, by offering pre-set packages combining tunnel wash items and hand detailing items that someone else designed.  Flex-serve lets you choose separately between the two different types of service: an exterior tunnel wash and hand detailing because they are offered as separate services. Detailing comes in two flavors: Express Detailing and Premium Detailing. Express Detailing service offers drive-in detailing packages for customers who want us to do limited work by hand that day. Luxury Detailing offers broader detailing options, many of which involve more extensive work and time. Therefore these are usually scheduled ahead unless resources are available to add these services to drive-in packages when a customer comes in.

It’s simple, convenient, and saves you money

On a given day about a third of our customers get just an express wash and can be in and out in as little as 5 minutes. Some also choose to use the free vacuums we provide. The other two thirds want us to do some detailing for them as well. However, those same customers may want something quite different the next time they come in. This time the exterior might be really dirty but they just need some touch up on the inside; the next time the outside might have a light coating of dust but the inside is messy. They choose exactly what they want and don’t waste money paying for something they don’t need each time they come in.

Express Wash saves time and does a great job of treating your vehicle’s exterior

  • It is SIMPLE- just pick one of 3 wash packages offering a complete range of up to 13 exterior treatments in tunnel
  • It is “QUICKER”- washes take less than 3 minutes moving through the tunnel. In fact,we offer a separate express lane where express wash customers can use our self-serve touch-screen terminal to pick their wash and pay either with cash or a credit card, allowing them to get in and out in as little as 5 to 7 minutes.
  • CONVENIENT- this makes it easy to fit a wash into your schedule on the spur of the moment.
  • ECONOMIC- Vacuums are available for customer use if desired- ours are easy to use, powerful, quiet, and each has two 25 foot hoses to permit dual operation. And the best part- unlike many car washes, they are completely FREE.

Express Detail Service to spiffy-up your vehicle on a drive-in basis

  • Also SIMPLE- just 3 Express Detail Packages to choose between
  • Also CONVENIENT- our greeters use a touch screen tablet and portable printer that prepares and prints the tickets, one copy for the vehicle so it can be serviced without delay, and one for you. It can even process a credit card for you on the spot or you can pay inside with cash or a card.
  • COMFORTABLE- Debbie’s WiFi Café, store, comfortable seating area, and our shaded terrace all provide a pleasant experience while we work on your vehicle.

Premium Detail Services to really set the clock back so your vehicle looks young again.

  • We have full range of interior cleaning and conditioning offerings using the best equipment and materials available.
  • We also offer wide range of exterior options to protect, enhance, and restore finishes, wheels, and headlights.

Why do consumers like the flex-serve model?

  • CHOICE- You pay for what you want and only what you want.
  • SIMPLICITY- two simple decisions- pick one of three Express Wash options and one of three Express Detail options
  • QUALITY: These are 3 different types of business. This approach allows optimum focus and management of each to get the best results for customers.
  • CONVENIENCE: It offers one stop shopping for all your vehicle’s cleaning and conditioning needs. You can match your selection each time to the vehicle’s condition and the time available. You can even have one part done (eg. the wash) and come back the next day for the interior detail. Better yet, you can schedule larger details and leave the vehicle. You can do errands, catch up on emails, calls, or reading in our comfortable and well-stocked café & store while we work away. With all your needs handled in one place there is a complete computer record to see what you’ve done before and when to help you stay up to date on keeping your car in shape.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Since this approach makes it easier to do just what you need for your vehicle it reduces your long term cost of ownership. With regular treatment, our quality services enhance your vehicle’s value when trade in time comes, as Kelley Blue book values clearly show. Plus, loyalty programs will give savings advantages to customers buying services across all 3 areas of service.


THE FUTURE IS NOW IN SEDONA: This is where the industry is going, not where it’s been; and why so many full-service washes are converting to our model to make their customer the boss and tailor their service to just what they need the day they come in. Experience has shown that, while it may take a few times to adapt to the new approach, once customers get used to it they love the greater control, flexibility, and cost effectiveness that they get with it.