…..And What It Does For You.

Our wireless technology gets you in and out faster…..

Greeter uses a menu and a wireless touch screen tablet that can process credit cards, read barcodes, pull up your customer record to ensure you get any discounts owed you, can see what services you had previously, and print receipts wirelessly from a portable printer at the greeting stand, all the while communicating to the central POS system so the cashier terminal inside and the tunnel computer that gives your car the correct treatments since all have the exact same information.

Or, express wash customer can use the XPT, our self-serve touch screen express pay terminal, to buy washes with credit cards or cash without speaking to anyone or getting out of their vehicle. When you pull up, our resident female voice, “Roxanne”, will prompt you through the process to buy a wash. In some of our special programs you won’t even need to visit with “Roxanne”, since the Fast Pass reader just past the XPT will read a sticker on your windshield telling the computer what wash to program for you in the tunnel.

Then our express customers enjoy a sporting event watching the hand prepping for our Platinum using the best in specialty hand washing equipment- brushes for different jobs on different parts of the vehicle, sponges with differing roughness based on task, mitts, and power washers. That is followed by a colorful “Disneyland” experience going through our tunnel.

Our neoprene-like brushes don’t hold the dirty, gritty water like the cloth brushes used elsewhere, so they don’t scratch, leave swirls, scrub off your wax job,  or gain weight to increase risk of damage.

Most washes use brushes made from cloth strips. But cloth soaks up and holds the water and with it the dirt and grit from the vehicles in front of you and your own. That grit and dirt leaves small scratches and mars your vehicle’s finish. Then, when you invest in a good wax job, the dirty and rough cloth starts to scrub it off the next time you return, shortening its effective life. The water-soaked cloth also gets heavy as more water is retained. It pounds the car roughly, and is tough on soft tops and any external protrusions like antennas.  And the the swirls and scratches hold on to dirt and dust so the car gets dirty faster and is tougher to clean.

For this reason many people either hand wash or use touchless washes rather than go to washes with brushes, and many car dealers recommend hand or touchless washes to protect their client’s car’s finish. Although we could do a touchless wash with our high pressure arch, we normally don’t do touchless washes because they don’t get a dirty car as clean as we do with our special cleaning brushes.

However, our neoprene-like brushes slough off the dirty water with each revolution and are constantly rinsed, leaving them always clean and ready to do a superb job for you.  Instead of scrubbing off the wax and other protectants, it just polishes them. Feel how clean the brushes are after a wash and you’ll see for yourself.

Many vehicle owners who have not had a tunnel wash in years have come to us for hand washes, but after inspecting our brushes have gotten our tunnel washes- from a Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley’s, and Maserati’s to top end Mercedes, Porsches, BMW’s and Teslas. All have loved what we do.

white-truckOur tracks accommodate a wider variety of vehicles than many car washes. Some of these cars are very low slung and extra wide tires.  Our conveyor takes them all with no problem. It’s even taken big trucks with oversize tires and lifts.

The water in our tunnel is “Pure and Purer”

Many car washes do little if anything to treat their water to protect your car. Some add a drying agent chemical and say it is spot free. However, there are still impurities and minerals in it. Even if the car is quickly dried by hand there are usually fine films of water and in the very tiny scratches on your vehicle’s finish. That’s how the minerals and other impurities get the chance to begin adhering to the finish.

Over time, the minerals and other impurities in inadequately treated water, along with other contaminants and minerals from acid rain, road splashes, or home washing, leave a fine residue layer adhering to the finish of your vehicle. The finish slowly becomes rougher and less smooth, and tends to hold dirt, grime, and insects. It also dulls the finish. When you drag the back of your hand across your hood you can feel a slight drag. It should be as frictionless as silk. This happens so slowly that most people don’t notice it. Yet over time they may just feel there vehicle doesn’t look quite so ”new” anymore, and seems to get dirty faster and is tougher to clean. Even new vehicles often have this characteristic if they’ve been sitting on a dealer’s lot for some time where the dealer washes them to keep them clean and the dust off, but normally not with thoroughly treated water. A majority of vehicles coming in to our wash are like this to a varying degree. Our luxury detail operation can restore them with a process called “Claying” and then buffing out minor scratches and applying and polishing a good layer of carnauba wax or paint protectant.

However, we go to great lengths to make sure our water will not threaten your vehicle’s finish. We thoroughly purify our water to ensure there are not even the smallest contaminants in it to degrade your finish. Our water processing system takes water through three stages. We first soften it to remove all minerals. Then we double filter it through charcoal to purify it. And lastly we run the final rinse water through Reverse Osmosis until our instruments show us its purity is 000 particles per million. That RO water goes into its own tank and is used for the final rinse. The non-RO, but yet softened and charcoal filtered, portion is used elsewhere in the tunnel. So our two types of water are pure and purer.

Our High Pressure Arch has double the cleaning power of normal high pressure arches, but uses only half the water.

We put special high-tech Zero Degree Nozzles on our high pressure arch. We are not the only wash with a high pressure spray on their best washes, but ours has twice the cleaning power or normal arches. One  key reason is the technology of our nozzles, called “zero degree nozzles”.

These nozzles spray at high pressure.  with very thin streams that fan back and forth very quickly. The greater number of thin streams dislodge dirt better and get into small recesses better that regular nozzles. They also have lower risk of damage since each tiny stream is hitting the car with less water weight than thicker streams. Side by side comparisons show a huge advantage in cleaning.

Super Powerful Central Vacuum System

We invested in a Central Vacuum System from VacuTech, recognized as the industry leader in car wash vacuums.  It’s 40 horsepower motor runs all vacuum stations, and is far more powerful than stand-alone vacuum units, making it possible to clean deeper, faster, and more thoroughly.

Most stanchions have two 25 foot hoses so two people can vacuum at once and can easily reach the rear of the car. They are quiet, easy-to-use and very powerful. They have solid tubular extension at the end making it easy to use without doing gymnastics leaning over as much and crawling around the vehicle. Their narrow flat head makes it easy to get into tight places like between seats and the console, seats and the door steps, around the seat runners, and door pockets and cup holders.

Both express customers and our detailing personnel use them and love them. Best of all, unlike many other washes, they are FREE when you get any wash or for a small fee if you want to use them without a wash.

“Green” Vacuums

When ever we can we protect the environment and conserve resources. Naturally the vacuum system is a very large power consumer since we must leave it on all the time when open so both customers and our detailers have instant access to its capabilities. So as part of our “Green” program we invested in a Variable Speed Drive, which can save significant power.

This system converts the power consumption from fixed to variable based on the amount of suction needed at any time. allows the vacuums to “cycle down” when running but not under load, dramatically cutting the amperage consumption by up to 40%. Then, as more hoses are pulled and used, it gradually cycles up to provide the additional overall suction needed and gradually increases the amperage usage. With 28 hoses on 16 stanchions around the site we rarely have to use more than 10 to 12 at a time, so the reduction in power even when in use is significant.

“R2D2” Carpet Extractor Renews Carpets and Cloth Seats

We call our top of the line Carpet Extractor “R2D2” because it looks like him, is a real whiz, and is a very expensive piece of equipment. “R2D2” is extremely powerful and effective. Its especially high suction, high pressure, and on-board heater allow very deep cleaning. When it shampoos and cleans carpets and upholstered seats it gets shampoo in very deep, and then sucks out dirt from deep down. It’s powerful suction also permits faster drying by getting more water out.

This makes them look great again, many shades lighter, and often like new. Just as important, R2D2’s patients last better because his greater power and deeper cleaning helps avoid the risk with many lesser extractors of leaving deep dirt that works its way back up to the top and negate the effect of the service.


Although some detailers use the same buffer for everything, in fact a buffer is not a buffer is not a buffer. Detailers face many different types of conditions and applications where buffers are needed. Results are far better, tasks can be accomplished more efficiently, and the risks of damaging your finish are greatly reduced when you have the right buffer for each type of situation you deal with.

Therefore we have invested in a full range of top quality buffers, from a small compressed air driven buffer for tight spots, to a variety of mid-sized and large rotary buffers, to the recently introduced and now industry leading Rupes “Big Foot” Random Orbital Polisher and the Flex Random Orbital buffer.

big-footThe buffer wheels for both rotate in an elliptical pattern rather than the circular pattern of traditional buffers. This elliptical motion keeps it from repeating an identical pattern on the same spot as it rotates at high speed. This avoids the swirls and holograms (ghosting) that are often left by normal rotary buffers.

“Big Foot” has a particularly large buffer diameter. It’s large pad and constantly varying elliptical pattern give “Big Foot”  the largest working footprint of any buffer today. This not only makes it more time efficient, but also creates 50% less surface heat. That lets it safely buff more deeply to restore badly damaged finishes by dramatically reducing the risk of burning through paint.  It is extremely effective at removing defects and restoring a beautiful finish without the swirls or “ghosts” in the paint.

clay-buffingWhen used following a claying and wax treatment, “Big Foot” and “Flex” really come into their own. The combination leaves your finish like a mirror and feeling like silk with exceptionally deep and clear color. It not only looks great, but it’s so slippery dirt doesn’t stick well, water blows off, and it’s so smooth that wax has a great bond and lasts much longer. Check out our clay and wax treatments where we use “Big Foot” and Flex as well.

What’s more, they can remove any existing swirls and ghosting to make your finish defect-free.

To this dynamic duo we’ve recently added a third partner, a dual headed buffer with two smaller buffer pads that rotate in opposite directions, allowing us to undertake special applications. This trio not only allows us to use our expertise effectively on  buffing and waxing, but allow us to help our customers deal cost effectively with the tough Arizona environment’s effect on their vehicles.  We restore faded paint and sun damaged finishes, hazy and fogged over headlights, and remove scratches, the famous Arizona pin stripes from exploring around Sedona.

We also have numerous other specialty items- many types of brushes, sponges, and tools for all types of challenges from removing dog hair and greasy stains to taking off bugs, sap, and tar.

You deserve the best

We are here to make you enjoy and be proud of the appearance of your vehicle. We appreciate that Sedona residents are very quality conscious. So when we took on the challenge of building Cleaner Quicker from scratch, we invested and continue to invest in the best technologies available to meet the quality standards you expect and deserve.