They did a great job in record time. My Platinum Wash and Silver Detail was out in 15 minutes!
— Dr Barbara C., Sedona
After having the cloth seats shampooed, the car vacuumed, and the windows washed, I feel like I’m in a brand new car! Thank you. ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS ASTOUNDING!
— Stephanie S, Sedona, AZ
It was a mess when I bought it in. It looks sensational now. I got double what I expected in half the time and it only cost $25.
— Dylon B. Sedona, AZ

Based on what a fabulous job these guys did on my original wash, I decided to take my 94 jeep in for a full detail. Before this I was going to have it painted because the hood and top had so much sun damage. When I went to pick my jeep up I could see it shinning from the street! It now looks more like a classic/vintage car rather than an old beater. It no longer needs a paint job and it STILL shines over two months of rain and mud and sitting in the sun all day. They also detailed the inside and got that “old car” smell out. I know one thing, if I ever go to sell any of my cars, I will always take it here first, because I think this added more value to my car.
— Sheri C, Sedona AZ
I just moved to Sedona from Santa Monica. I’ve been to hundreds of car wash and detailing spots,but this place is the best one I’ve ever been to. Bill (an owner) takes his time to get to know you, and walks you through the process of the car wash. Everyone that works there is really friendly and helpful. There is a receptionist in the front that is also really nice along with their dog, Turk. I refuse to take my Panamera anywhere else. I recommend this place to anyone! Especially if you have a high end vehicle.
Jonathon E., Sedona, AZ

I drove my car cross country for 5 days from Connecticut to get here, and it was filthy, and these guys at Cleaner Quicker have done an amazing job of cleaning it inside and out. The car is actually better than it was when I also detailed it in Connecticut for $75 before coming out here, and the service here only cost me $40. The people are really friendly. The staff is courteous. They really are attentive to detail. The lounge is amazing. It’s really comfortable and cool. The views are awesome of the red rocks, and there are 40 varieties of coffees and teas in the lounge to choose from. It’s a great place, a lot of fun, and I’m grateful for it. So come here.
— Gillian G, Connecticut
I took my SUV into Cleaner Quicker for the second time the other day. This time it was not only dirty outside but had tons of dog hair and dirt inside from my two large pooches, something I dreaded trying to get out myself. They not only got it all out but the whole interior was pristine as was the exterior. While they worked away, I was comfortable eating free popcorn, drinking coffee, and catching up on emails. So happy we now have a local car wash that can do this kind of work and leave me in comfort while they do it.
— Susanna, Sedona, AZ
I have used the services of this car wash 4 times now. Twice for my personal car (may I add, I LOVE MY CAR) and twice for fleet cars that I maintain for my job. I took my personal car in not long after they opened – I drive a very red luxury car and I am always nervous to let others clean it because we’ve all heard horror stories of cleaning mishaps. Bill, at the front of the line assured me that the complete remodel of the car wash included the wash equipment – state of the art and brand new. Not that old fashioned stuff! They did a great job and used a de-bugger on the front end. They did a great job on my personal car so I brought it back and the same result.

I then had two fleet trucks (brand new Nissan Armadas – good sized SUVs) return to my business in really bad shape. The guys had to be out in the mud and it was everywhere! Under carriage, in the carpets, under and on the seats even — Cleaner Quicker got them both cleaned up and got the mud out of the interiors and the undercarriages!. These cars were gross! I really expected them to tell me they wouldn’t be able to do it. Then I really expected not to get my trucks back for at least 48 hours… they did it in about 5 hours, for two messed up trucks. Really impressive… my other vendors always take at least 24 hours for this kind of work and need 24 hours of lead time.

I will tell you that the condition of these two vehicles was REALLY BAD – and as a human being, I would NEVER take my personal car anywhere in the condition these two cars were in. As a business manager I did make the decision to pay to have these cleaned properly and locally rather than driving them from my Sedona office to my Flagstaff office or to Phoenix.

I saw other reviews here where the reviewers felt the pricing was high… I run cars for a living and have had to deal with car detailing services and car washes in Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood, Denver, Golden, Colorado Springs and Phoenix… this wash is truly reasonably priced for retail washing… The one wash of the same type that used to be in Cottonwood was priced higher for the same services… This is NOT Sedona pricing. These owners have truly considered the value of the service they provide and priced it very reasonably.

I would always recommend this car wash. They are polite, quick (keep in mind it is a FULL SERVICE wash – if you want it all, which is GREAT, be prepared to wait for a minute longer. They wash, vacuum, clean off the bugs, interior if you want it, dry it and make it shiny!), they have coffee and snacks and you can sit inside or outside while you wait and there is usually someone else ahead of you to talk with.
— Maralea N, Flagstaff AZ