Total Facility Renovation

What we started with

  • None of tunnel equipment worked
  • Obsolete systems
  • Customer area walls damaged and stained
  • Bathrooms dingy
  • Building and detail bay roof damage
  • Air conditioning and coolers not working
  • Stucco, exterior walls, curbs, doors damaged

Where we ended up:

  • Replaced everything except floors inside the building, including supporting wall structure between tunnel and customer area
  • Installed all new state of the art technology throughout- tunnel  equipment, computer and control systems, POS system, and detailing equipment
  • Installed new central vacuum system- 14 stands with dual hoses,  some for detailing, FREE to use for express customers
  • Re-designed and re-constructed customer waiting area, including adding comfortable cafe and store
  • Overhauled bathrooms to be attractive and handicap qualified
  • Upgraded and replaced detailing supply room and laundry room with new machines
  • Added break area for employees with refrigerator, microwave


Debbie’s Cafe

New comfortable customer lounge, café, and store, with outside terrace with newly added trellis. Comfortable upholstered chairs in the seating area, comfortable chairs and tables in Café, and wicker chairs outside.

  • Free hi-speed WiFi to catch up on emails and surf
  • Hot drinks galore- over 50 varieties coffee, tea, hot chocolate- the most in Sedona- including 10 varieties of Starbucks, many other brands, 3 types hot chocolate, many teas, some organic- Commercial Kuerig machine ensures they’re always hot, fresh
  • Cold drinks galore- with full line of both Pepsi and Coke supplied beverages, including Starbucks, Gatorade, Rockstar energy drinks, power aids, ice teas, fruit drinks, and many others
  • Free popcorn – all the time
  • Delicious fresh pastries, muffins, cookies as well as other snacks and pastries
  • Two full coolers of ice cream bars
  • Broad selection of Leaning Tree and other greeting and photo cards
  • Numerous car related items
  • Books and Sedona souvenir items
  • Sunglasses and other sundries, accessories

We support local artists and other local businesses and charities, such as:

  • Gallery of local artists’ works throughout customer area and hallways
  • We feature local Musicians and Writers by selling their books and selling and playing their CDs.
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