Cleans cars without scratching them with sandy worn out brushes –like Sedona’s other drive through car wash on the corner of Harmony Dr. & 89a Pat Barber, Sedona, AZ.

Wish I could give them 6 stars! There were stains on the interior roof where coffee or soda splashed years ago. Multiple car washes have not been able to make the slightest improvement. Cleaner Quicker got every spot completely out! – Patricia W. Sedona, AZ.

Best car wash you’ll ever get and super friendly service! – Shari Courtney, Sedona, AZ

This is our first visit to CQCW since Bill and Debbie Johnson purchased and remodeled it. We have been away from Sedona for a number of years. I am a bit of a car wash aficionado and keep our cars maintained at a high level. Most of our vehicles are black and show spots and brush marks easily. I read what the Johnsons – who have prior corporate experience – had done to install all new equipment, processes, and work flow analysis to speed up the speed and quality of the car washing process. The brushes are selected to avoid scratching the clear coat of your vehicle, and the water is ionized to help prevent water spotting. You owe it to yourself to take a look at their website.

When we had our less than 1 year old Lexus GX 470 delivered this morning – which we bought from a Colorado dealer without a physical inspection, we immediately saw chips, scratches and swirls in the glossy black paint. I immediately took it over and met Bill and we reviewed the issues and he assured me they could fix them, even though some of the scratches had gone all the way to base metal. I decided to take a chance and let them do a clay treatment and their best polymer wax treatment. It took them three and a half hours, so I just left it with them and held my breath. Wow was I impressed when they called me and I returned to pick it up. Every scratch and rock chip was GONE and the previously dulled paint which had quite a few swirls in the clear coat was shining like new. The detailer, a very friendly guy by the name of Chris, did a tremendous job restoring this car to a like new appearance.

I was treated in a very friendly manner and it was clear they appreciate everyone’s business. Quite a change from the previous owners. I read a few people post complaints on the results they got and I just can’t imagine that if they had brought these to management’s attention that they wouldn’t have been completely resolved.

We plan on bringing our cars here to get the detail work that we do on them, even though we also spend part of the year in Prescott and Scottsdale. This is a great experience at competitive prices.

Highly recommended! – Diana F. – Scottsdale, AZ

I drive from Clarkdale just to get my car washed and detailed here. Bobbi Johnson, Clarkdale, AZ.

Just had an amazing experience at this car wash! Amber took care of us and our 2009 Prius right away. She ran over and assisted us at the credit card machine and directed us to the complimentary vacuum area (when you purchase a wash), and made sure our car was safe with a roof rack on it going through the car wash. She is super friendly and has great energy and great customer service skills. Our car came out looking as new as an 11 year old car can. They even dried the car off for us at the end! It would have cost us three times as much if we had similar service done in New England where we live. This is the first time we’ve gotten a car wash in Sedona and it will be where we come back to. Thank Amber! – Tom Reen, AZ.

Got the 16.99 wash and it was great!! All the employees were thorough and efficient and my car was sparkling! Great experience as someone who was passing through. Your location has a lot of curb appeal! Hannah Pierce, AZ.

Today I had my Jeep Cleaned and Washed inside and out. What a surprise to see how great a job they did on my SUV! I have used it on rough roads and on horse terrain, wher dust, mud, dirt and rocks are cmmon. Therefore my vehicle was exceedingly dirty and I thought would require an afternoon to recoondition. It only took less than an hour to make it look like new again.

The tunnel wash used for cleaning the outside of vehicles it one like Mercedes in Stuttgart Germany uses, sonit could be consider as one of the best Car Washes in the country. The staff performing the cleaning work are thorough and professional leaving your car in top quality shape after use.

I’m glad I found out about this car wash and now won’t have to worry how my vehicles look any more. They will always look like they just came off the show-room floor.
You should take your car, SUV, or truck there when you need a car wash. You definitely will be glad you did! – Jack S., Sedona, AZ.

Great car wash, very gentle on the car finish, friendly staff. Free hot popcorn in the waiting room, and dog-friendly.
They also do detailing. In one case I had a big problem that they addressed – I had been out of town for 8 days and left my Mercedes SL500 parked at home, and an irrigation line to my sprinkler system burst and each day it sprayed my car with water containing high mineral content, and then it baked all day in the hot Arizona sun; this cycle repeated each day for 8 days. A mottled pattern of blemishes ended up baked into the clear coat finish and when I returned home and tried to wash it out, the blemishes remained. A local body shop quoted $850 to buff it out but I took it to Cleaner Quicker instead and they did a great job for half that cost, and the finish now looks better than ever. – Jim K., Sedona, AZ.
Wow, what an incredible experience. I did the ultimate Titanium inside and out and I know my car is worth $5000 more today that it was yesterday.

The finish is nicer than than the new cars on the lot and the inside is just immaculate. I just absolutely love it. It sparkles! – David M., Minneapolis, MN.

This was my first time visiting after driving across country to relocate. The amount of embedded dirt and bugs alone were a challenge. The car wash attendant took extra time to really spray down the front of my car so the bugs would come off and carefully went around my car twice. At the end of the car wash the attendant hand-wiped my car dry. Excellent service! – Susan L., Sedona, AZ
If you want your car super clean an done quickly this is the right place. Donna G., Sedona, AZ
Wow what to say, I had the most pleasant experience here my truck was filthy I was in northern Alberta in Canada. So a lot of salt build up and road grime the cab was filthy from me being in and out in the snow and mud all winter in Canada after a quick visit I had my truck came out looking brand new out of the show room. Would drive down from Canada just for a detail. – Darius K. Canada.
On our first road trip visit to Sedona from San Diego, we badly needed a wash and found Cleaner Quicker. It sounds strange but this unexpected experience turned out to be one of our fond memories of our trip. Debbie, the owner was delightful and came to us while waiting. She commented that she loved our car and then told us about the establishment’s history and current upgraded equipment. They weren’t satisfied with the first run through so they ran our car again. We’d been on some nasty roads and had icky stuff on the car. Ultimately, we went away totally satisfied. Wish we had them here in San Diego! Highly recommended. – David S., San Diego, CA.
I took my 2002 Subaru to Cleaner Quicker Car Wash on 3/13/18. My car was dirty when I purchased it six months prior with a ton of dog hair. Compounded with my own shepard’s fur, the attendants had their job cut out for them! I got the platinum exterior, platinum interior, upholstery cleaning, and dog hair removal. I am 100% satisfied with the job they did and the service I received. My upholstery looks new; I can’t believe how great my car looks. I’ve never had a new car before, but this is the closest I have felt to having one. I will return soon to get the paint protection to preclude the harsh AZ summer sun. This place is busy, but it’s located in the midst of cool shops and such, so bouncing around the neighborhood is no biggie, or chill out in their lounge. Great owners. Highly recommend! – Dawn S., Prescott, AZ
I am retired from GM after 38.5 yrs in car manufacturing. I have lived in several states but nowhere have I found the level of dedication,attention to detail,and great customer service that I experienced at CLEANER QUICKER CAR WASH in Sedona,AZ. I was looking for a good car wash that would take care of my wife’s new BUICK ENCORE and found CLEANER QUICKER-they exceeded my own high standards! Owned & operated by Bill Johnson-a man who loves cars & loves keeping them in great shape! The detail shop does work that far exceeds anything I could do myself!! Stop by CLEANER QUICKER CAR WASH and you will be as pleased as I am!!!
— Tony P., Sedona, AZ
I had 800 miles of “road-trip” dirt on my Z06 and was very happy to find this first-class establishment.
— January S., Sedona, AZ
Ugh…driving to a trail head and scratched my car. It looked bad. Bill gave me an estimate and took care of business. Came out less than the estimate and you CANNOT tell at all that it was scratched.

— Jeanette A., Sedona, AZ

I was impressed with the quality of Sedona Cleaner Quicker Car Wash. I’d driven my car some 3000 miles coming down from Oregon, then around southern Arizona and then to Sedona. And much of that was on dirt roads because I explore remote regions of the desert and do many hikes in the wilderness. The winter weather added to the mud and muck adhering to my car. It was all over it, some even splashed onto the top. So I was happy to find a car wash that could remove the accumulated dirt and grime from all those miles. It was nice to see my car clean again: sparkly and bright and shiny. The owners, Bill and Debbie, truly believe in customer satisfaction. If you haven’t yet tried this place, give it a go. Thanks Cleaner Quicker!

— Bryan B., OR

Just had my wife’s car detailed there and they did a great job. I have used them numerous times in the past and they are consistently thorough, pleasant, and professional.
— Mark D., Sedona, AZ
We were in the market to trade in our car which needed significant buffing, interior attention, wheel & detail work in order to present for best market value. The end results were extraordinary. We captured an excellent trade value, and, had moments of hesitation due to the beautiful result of Bill’s team effort at Quicker Cleaner Car Wash. The ONLY reason we traded our car for a different model was ground clearance living in Sedona off roading. My car was beautifully transformed at a fraction of the cost, what we thought we would have needed to invest for this kind of result. Thank You Team Quicker Cleaner! I am now a regular visitor here.
— Manette H., Sedona, AZ