We love cleaning carpets

When we clean a carpet the difference is usually dramatic. However, cleaning dirty carpets is a difficult challenge and requires the best equipment, the right chemical cleaners, and the expertise to do it well. We’ve invested in the best equipment possible because these are such common and important problems for our customers.

Carpets are often a challenge

Not surprisingly, carpets and carpet mats take a real beating. We use our carpets as a shoe cleaner every time we get into our car. Sometimes it’s gradual, sometimes it’s quickly, but it gets dirtier and dirtier, and becomes the eyesore of an otherwise clean car. In fact, many people have forgotten what their carpets and mats originally looked like.

But what you see on the top surface is not the real story. Much of the dirt goes deep into the carpet piles and digs in.  This is why it gets so tough to clean. Most approaches, whether carpet shampooer, hand shampoo, or power wash, don’t get deep enough to dig out the bottom layers. The problem with that is that dirt doesn’t like to stay put.  A newly shampooed carpet looks good right after the shampoo because the dirt you can see is gone. However, it’s what you can’t see that counts. If you haven’t got enough of the deep-down dirt, every time you put weight on the carpet, besides adding whatever dirt comes off your shoes, you are rustling up that deep dirt and working some of it upwards. So pretty soon the new dirt and old dirt have joined up to make your carpet get dirty faster.

So we got prepared

That’s why we spent more to get an extremely powerful carpet extractor. We call him “R2D2”, because he looks like “R2D2” and because he is sophisticated, particular, and thorough. Yet he designed to be user friendly and we can train our employees to use him relatively quickly.


R2D2 has the power to drive the shampoo deep and has plenty of suction to pull out dirt from way down. He not only does a super job of cleaning, but his carpets stay clean longer because he gets rid of more of the really deep-down dirt.

Our investment is paying off for our customers

The two examples below illustrate one of the reasons we love cleaning carpets. By making them look new again, we can make a big difference to the enjoyment are customers get from being in their cars because every time they get into their car they immediately see the difference and enjoy the new car feel.

R2D2 is just as good at cleaning cloth seats as well. His controls can be adjusted for doing seats more gently and yet still get them looking like new again.

See for yourself

Sometime when you’re in and we are using him, ask for an escort back to the detail area to meet R2D2 and watch him in action. You will be impressed, and you’ll like the cute little guy too.