Everyone picks up scratches on their car sooner or later.

some big, some small, some long, some short, but ALL irritating because they stand out and blemish an otherwise nice finish. We regularly remove scratches as part of our Body Restoration work. Here are a couple recent happy customers


Far exceeded my expectations. Friendly service too.”
Dave C, Carlsbad, CA

Below Dave shows where the scratches were along the right side of the car.

Both sides covered with scratches from window sills to rocker panels….

The two lovely ladies below were out exploring Sedona’s beautiful Red Rocks on back roads when they found themselves trapped among increasingly dense, thorn-filled vegetation. Unable to turn around, they were forced to plow on through the thicket  to get back to the road. The results were deep, long scratches down both sides of their car.

“We never thought they would all come out!

And with the Platinum-Platinum it is like a new car. Thank you Cleaner Quicker Car Wash.”
Carolyn D and Tammi S,   Wisconsin

How do we do it?

The key is having the right equipment and knowing when and how to use it. We have a whole range of buffers, polishers and many types of pads and compounds. We have the expertise to know what to use for each job and use it most effectively. “Big Foot”, “Flex” our top-of-the-line Random Orbital Polishers, as well as “Cyclo”, our new dual headed buffer, make this task a lot easier and safer to give you the best possible results. Learn and see more on Big Foot and buffing