“They are professional and their attention to detail is great!”

-Elizabeth S., Sedona, AZ.

Tim S., Sedona AZ

I had a wonderful experience at Cleaner Quicker Car Wash today when I took my 1996 black BMW convertible in for a full detailing. We always wash it by hand because the rear window on the soft top is made of plastic, and we didn’t want it to get scratches by the dirt in the brushes in car washes. However, we had had our other car done at Cleaner Quicker Sedona Car Wash and at that time they showed me their cleaning brushes. Read More

They are made of neoprene, not cloth, so they don’t absorb or hold water or dirt and stay clean all the time. So we took it through the wash with a hand prep to get it super clean. It came out great, and the plastic window looked like new!

Then we had a Platinum detail, the seats and top conditioned, the carpets cleaned, and a clay, buff and Carnauba wax on the outside. They also buffed out some scratches on the body. Their new elliptical buffer eliminated the fine swirls in the paint from regular circular buffers over the years. The clay treatment was amazing. They had me feel the finish before. It felt normal- clean, smooth. But when it was done it was a whole different experience. It felt like silk and was like a mirror, sort of like looking into a deep reflective pool. I was truly dazzled when my car was finished because it absolutely looked as good as it did when it was brand new!

I couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to either restore a new car shine to an older car like mine, or to make a newer car look like a mirror“. Astonishing!


Thank you Debbie and Bill for the way you treated my daughter and I when we came in to spruce up my car to leave with my wife as I get ready for my second tour to Iraq with my Marine unit. Read More

 I brought my daughter from 29 Palms for our annual fishing trip to the trout farm in Oak Creek canyon. You did a great job on the SUV and I’m happy to leave my wife and daughter with a car that looks like it’s brand new. It feels really good to get the kind of support and appreciation you gave to me. I will send some photos of our unit when I get settled in. Thanks again for your support and such a great job Debbie and Bill.

Nick D., Chicago, Il.

From dirt to delight inside and out in 11 minutes!!!

Bob, Sedona, AZ

Great service every time! I come back every week. Bob’s “STANG”, 1/4 mile 13 seconds!

Carl M, Sedona, AZ

It hasn’t looked this beautiful since I took it out of the showroom years ago.

Amanda W, Sedona AZ

I’ve been in to Cleaner Quicker a number of times to do both my truck and my car. Every time the service was outstanding, my car and truck came out looking terrific, and the people there were wonderful. Best of all, whenever I left I felt wonderful too.

Tanya, Sedona, AZ

My SUV was dirty and loaded with dog hair and the headlights were fogged over. They got it super-clean and made the fogged-over headlights clear again!

Yasmin Kotomor, Riverside, Ca.

We are from out of town and came to Cleaner Quicker Car Wash to get nasty tree sap removed from our SUV. Service was amazing. Bill and Deborah were fantastic! They got it all off and even refunded us for time that wasn’t required to get it done. Read More

I highly recommend these wonderful people!

Charles B, Sedona, AZ

The story of how Bill and Debbie Johnson made substantial upgrades and major investments in every aspect of this facility is almost as impressive as the highest quality and world class customer service they provide! Highly recommended and well worth every penny no matter which of their options you select for your vehicle.

Mike and Gloria K, Sedona AZ

My wife and I have brought our cars to this car wash ever since it opened with the new owners. Read More

Not only is the service great, the friendly manner of the people is special. The cars are always handled with care and look beautiful. We are very glad to have such a fine operation in Sedona.

Amber S, Sedona, AZ

You brought the cherry red shine back to “Buffy” (our “kick-A–” cheerleader convertible. I am looking forward to seeing that proud gleam in my mother’s eye again. Thanks for helping me baby my mom’s baby!

Mike S., Sedona, AZ

The job you guys did is excellent. I appreciate the quality work and you’re good people. See you soon.

Michael M., Sedona, AZ

Always a great job, whether my muddy Rubicon or bug covered Tesla.

Terrific full outside and in detail on the Jeep.


Dave C, Carlsbad, CA

VERY IMPRESSED WITH SCRATCH REMOVAL. Far exceeded my expectations. Friendly service too.