“They are professional and their attention to detail is great!”

-Elizabeth S., Sedona, AZ.

Tim S., Sedona AZ

I had a wonderful experience at Cleaner Quicker Car Wash today when I took my 1996 black BMW convertible in for a full detailing. We always wash it by hand because the rear window on the soft top is made of plastic, and we didn’t want it to get scratches by the dirt in the brushes in car washes. However, we had had our other car done at Cleaner Quicker Sedona Car Wash and at that time they showed me their cleaning brushes. Read More

They are made of neoprene, not cloth, so they don’t absorb or hold water or dirt and stay clean all the time. So we took it through the wash with a hand prep to get it super clean. It came out great, and the plastic window looked like new!

Then we had a Platinum detail, the seats and top conditioned, the carpets cleaned, and a clay, buff and Carnauba wax on the outside. They also buffed out some scratches on the body. Their new elliptical buffer eliminated the fine swirls in the paint from regular circular buffers over the years. The clay treatment was amazing. They had me feel the finish before. It felt normal- clean, smooth. But when it was done it was a whole different experience. It felt like silk and was like a mirror, sort of like looking into a deep reflective pool. I was truly dazzled when my car was finished because it absolutely looked as good as it did when it was brand new!

I couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to either restore a new car shine to an older car like mine, or to make a newer car look like a mirror“. Astonishing!


Thank you Debbie and Bill for the way you treated my daughter and I when we came in to spruce up my car to leave with my wife as I get ready for my second tour to Iraq with my Marine unit. Read More

 I brought my daughter from 29 Palms for our annual fishing trip to the trout farm in Oak Creek canyon. You did a great job on the SUV and I’m happy to leave my wife and daughter with a car that looks like it’s brand new. It feels really good to get the kind of support and appreciation you gave to me. I will send some photos of our unit when I get settled in. Thanks again for your support and such a great job Debbie and Bill.

Nick D., Chicago, Il.

From dirt to delight inside and out in 11 minutes!!!

Bob, Sedona, AZ

Great service every time! I come back every week. Bob’s “STANG”, 1/4 mile 13 seconds!

Carl M, Sedona, AZ

It hasn’t looked this beautiful since I took it out of the showroom years ago.

Amanda W, Sedona AZ

I’ve been in to Cleaner Quicker a number of times to do both my truck and my car. Every time the service was outstanding, my car and truck came out looking terrific, and the people there were wonderful. Best of all, whenever I left I felt wonderful too.

Tanya, Sedona, AZ

My SUV was dirty and loaded with dog hair and the headlights were fogged over. They got it super-clean and made the fogged-over headlights clear again!

Yasmin Kotomor, Riverside, Ca.

We are from out of town and came to Cleaner Quicker Car Wash to get nasty tree sap removed from our SUV. Service was amazing. Bill and Deborah were fantastic! They got it all off and even refunded us for time that wasn’t required to get it done. Read More

I highly recommend these wonderful people!

Charles B, Sedona, AZ

The story of how Bill and Debbie Johnson made substantial upgrades and major investments in every aspect of this facility is almost as impressive as the highest quality and world class customer service they provide! Highly recommended and well worth every penny no matter which of their options you select for your vehicle.

Mike and Gloria K, Sedona AZ

My wife and I have brought our cars to this car wash ever since it opened with the new owners. Read More

Not only is the service great, the friendly manner of the people is special. The cars are always handled with care and look beautiful. We are very glad to have such a fine operation in Sedona.

Amber S, Sedona, AZ

You brought the cherry red shine back to “Buffy” (our “kick-A–” cheerleader convertible. I am looking forward to seeing that proud gleam in my mother’s eye again. Thanks for helping me baby my mom’s baby!

Mike S., Sedona, AZ

The job you guys did is excellent. I appreciate the quality work and you’re good people. See you soon.

Michael M., Sedona, AZ

Always a great job, whether my muddy Rubicon or bug covered Tesla.

Terrific full outside and in detail on the Jeep.


Dave C, Carlsbad, CA

VERY IMPRESSED WITH SCRATCH REMOVAL. Far exceeded my expectations. Friendly service too.

Stephanie S., Sedona AZ

After having the cloth seats shampooed, the car vacuumed, and the windows washed, I feel like I’m in a brand new car! Thank you. ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS ASTOUNDING!

Linda P, Sedona, AZ

My car looks wonderful! Great service- a Gold wash and Gold detail in only 18 minutes.

Ian H, Sedona, AZ

I bring my vehicles in and it’s great every time. This is awesome. You guys are great!

Allen B., Sedona, AZ

“When this new car wash place opened up sometime last year. I went to try it out since I’ve been to many car washes businesses and those places didn’t clean my car very well and I pay a high price for it. I came to cleaner quicker car wash to try it out. The moment I got here, the owner greeted me with a bright smile and super friendly personality.Read More

(At that time I didn’t realize it was the owner of place) her name was Debbie I found out later. Debbie was super helpful and telling what kind of packages they had and what the prices. I took the Platinum Detail and platinum detail outside that is including outside and inside- very very reasonable price too. They took care of my car as if their own car. Long story short, I become a long term customer to them. I personally met and are friends to all the staff here. All of them are amazing. On the side note, they offer monthly packages for unlimited washes for the outside. I took that package deal since I come here 3 or 4 times a month to get my car wash. I want to say thank you to Debbie, Bill, Alyssa, Mike, Riley. Sean, Rocket, Jeremy, Victor, and the rest of the quicker cleaner car wash for amazing customer service to me and the future customers you will get!”

STEVE C. Sedona, June 2015

This is the best car wash in northern Arizona hands down. It’s hard to find “old school” style service in Sedona, let alone at a car wash, but Bill and Debbie Johnson provide just that! They are both “hands on” and they give “unbridled” service to their customers. I was treated like gold, and Bill explained all the details of how my car would be treated and cleaned. Read More

He even explained how each piece of equipment and each chemical affects the finish, since I was concerned about what was touching and cleaning as well as what was being put on my BMW. Everything came out great, both exterior and interior. If you want the “best” then take your car to Cleaner Quicker and ask for Bill or Debbie. You’ll be glad you did.

Michelle Z, Sedona AZ

My car was in terrible shape, winter and a busy schedule took its toll but these guys made my look &smell brand new. Amazing results. Friendly, courteous staff. The price is very close to the old & I love the cleanliness of this new waiting area (it was filthy before). This is truly worth the amount charged, fantastic results.

Toria M., Sedona,AZ

Excellent customer service and attention to detail. I have the Platinum monthly unlimited washes which is great. Today my car was looking pretty rough after my dogs, dirt, and rain so decided to add a hand wax and carpet shampoo. As always, I was not disappointed.

Mark D, Sedona AZ

My car had not been cleaned in a long time ­ it was filthy. I purchased the platinum service for both the inside and outside. The car looks great!! The outside is like new and the leather seats are dramatically improved. It is a great waiting area. They have every type of food and drink you can imagine and it is comfortable. Read More

The new owners have done a great job bringing this place back to life ­ it was pretty sad before. This may not be the cheapest car wash around, but it is definitely the BEST.

Kenji, after a year of using our services.

Kenji in 2015

Kenji K. Sedona, Az.

I just moved here from Seattle and my first car wash in Sedona was a great one at Cleaner Quicker car wash. When I got here it was really dirty after a long trip from Seattle through Oregon, California, Utah, and Northern Arizona.Read More

Now it is nice and clean. The crew was very friendly, courteous, and helpful. I recommend Cleaner Quicker car wash to all Sedona residents and tourists.

Duane M., Sedona, AZ

You guys always do a great job! I am SO happy!

Greg E., Prescott, AZ

Absolutely fantastic results! Great service! Best car wash I’ve been in!

 Tonya M., Sedona, AZ

Thank you Cleaner Quicker Car Wash for taking care of Dirty Girl and making her all spiffy and shiny from our trip! I think she is feeling more like a Pretty Woman now.

Krys V., Sedona, AZ

Fast and friendly service. I took a trip after the Platinum wash and no bugs stuck to my car,
windows and exterior stayed clean and shiny. Was very happy with the wash.

Chris H., Sedona, AZ

Thank you Quicker Cleaner Car Wash! I have had my Jeep Wrangler for ten years or so. In those years, we had a kick butt time roaming around the southwestern parts of the United States.Read More

We played in the Mojave, the Rockies, The Arizona Strip, the red rocks of Sedona, Superstition Mountains, and meandered on unknown roads ending at the rims and viewpoints of the Grand Canyon, Vermillion cliffs. . .the list goes on, and on!Nary a bath was had during those years of play and adventure, we would have to pause our play for that! Sure every once in awhile it would rain…and one or twice a year we pause for a pressure wash, and then get right back on the random roads we thrived on.
Finally after years of play, my family has grown to a point where I need a bigger adventure vehicle to play in and tow behind our mobile fun.
Since I am selling her, I decided it is time for a detail. I drove up to Quicker Cleaner Car Wash, as I pulled into the lane, I was greeted pleasantly by Debbie. She looked hungrily at the jeep. After finding out my intentions, the detail crew arrived to give the jeep a look. They all looked her with a hunger and sense of pending satisfaction. I knew I had come to the right place!
Since the jeep had years of sandstone, limestone, basalt etc, in her carpet and in the engine, I knew it would take some time to bring her to perfect selling condition. I came back to check on her once or twice while the experts did their thing. Each time, the pride in the employees eyes was obvious. Just as obvious was their goal of perfection. I am sure if I had left her there, they would now be in the engine compartment with Q-tips, removing anything left behind!
When my wife and I pulled up to collect the Jeep, we could see reflections in the polished hood, the sunburned fenders flares had been returned to their original showroom finish, and the royal blue paint sparkled in the sun. Sitting in the driver’s seat, obvious was the gleam of the dashboard, the carpet seemed factory new, and they had even cleaned the air vents for the heating and air system. They lifted the hood to show me they had removed the road grime from the engine itself, pride gleaming in their eyes! A few employees even came up and said things like, “I did this part, or that part”, “thanks for the project”, “can we keep it and work on it some more?”.
Thank you Quicker Cleaner Car Wash for hiring passionate employees and for removing years of fun from my Jeep Wrangler, so she can now lead others off on adventures of their lifetime!

Brad T, Sedona, AZ

We were car camping and off-road in remote areas for a week so when we came to Cleaner Quicker the Bronco was a disaster, coated with mud on the body and suspension,  and covered with dirt on the inside from the floors to the roll bars. Now it looks great again, like new- you should have taken a before-after. Thanks!

Barbara C, Sedona, AZ

I would like to extend a “BIG” thank you to all employees and Cleaner Care Car Wash for the fantastic job detailing my Lexus SC430. It looks new again, and the satiny finish with the clay wax feels and looks beautiful. I would highly recommend and send you referrals! Thanks again

Richard L, Sedona, AZ

Cleaner Quicker Car Wash did an amazing job on “Brutus”, my Benz. Professional, quality service that I am very pleased with. I can honestly say “I will not go any where else to get my vehicles detailed and our washed.”

Rhonda R, Sedona, AZ

It was a long time coming for our new Sedona Cleaner Quicker Carwash and we are absolutely thrilled with the results of your work on our 2007 Jeep! When we purchased this car used, one year ago, it needed a detail Read More

 so I took it to ———– since you were not opened yet. Turns out, the clear coat was totally removed from the hood of our car! When I complained, I was told they didn’t do it, it was from the hot Arizona sun and they referred me to ‘their buddy’ for a quote on having it re-painted. It was going to cost $800!! You stepped in and saved the day for a mere fraction of the price. We are so grateful to you, your wife Deborah and your staff of professionals. Please let us know when you do get that special wax you suggested, we definitely want to protect our car. I now realize that a darker color of car absorbs the hot Arizona sun much quicker than a lighter color, I did not know this and I’ve lived here for 25 years. We’ll be getting both of our cars protected just as soon as we can get them in to see you.We wish you and your wife all of the success you deserve!!

Ellinor and Bob M, Tucson, AZ

We had really tough sap and berries stuck to the top all over the car, and we couldn’t get them off, so our resort sent us to Cleaner Quicker Car Wash for help. The thorough hand prep from their Platinum wash got much of it off, but we expected it would still need to go to the detail bay for special solvents to take off the remainder one piece at a time by hand. But when it emerged from the tunnel after the other treatments and their special high pressure arch, 99% was gone and the car was super clean and shiny. They got the last of the sap bits when wiping down the car. Our beautiful car is beautiful again and we are happy! And only $16.99 and minutes, WAY less money and time than we expected. We’re happier still. We’ll be back for sure on our next visit to Sedona!

Kimmie J., Sedona  AZ

They always do a fantastic job at a very reasonable price, so I keep coming back and back. I love this place!

Stevie and Paul, CA

It was covered with sap that wouldn’t come off. You got it all and after the clay, buff, and wax
now it looks new again. Thank you!!

Kelly Z., Sedona, AZ

Spectacular job getting all the sap off and leaving it so shiny and silky. You really put in extra time and love. Thank you so much!