We all love taking our dogs out with us in our cars, and they like nothing better than being with us. But they often leave a little momento behind for us- dog hair- eventually marring the appearance of the carpets and upholstery and sticking to clothing. But removing dog hair is can be immensely difficult because the fibers don’t just lay on top of the carpet or seats- they become embedded in the carpet piles or upholstery fabric Even the most powerful vacuums don’t have the pull needed to get them all out. At Cleaner Quicker Car Wash we use special tools and materials that literally latch on to individual fibers and drag them out as we brush repetitively across the surface. It is time-consuming and painstaking work, but it does the job beautifully.

One tip: don’t let dog hair build up too long because more fibers work into the piles and get more deeply embedded, getting tougher and tougher to drag out. Whenever you come in for a tunnel wash, either use our powerful free vacuums to clean them up as best you can , or take advantage of our 22 item Silver express detail to have us do it. Our 40 horsepower central vacuum system has far more suction than any shop vac or stand alone car wash vacuums, plus the narrow slotted nozzles are designed to get into tight spots and maximize suction on tough substances like dog hair. Those who have our highly attractive unlimited monthly wash plans can come in as often as they like not only for a wash but to use the free vacuums.

If you’ve got the patience, endurance, and want to put in the elbow grease yourself, we also sell a special dog hair tool in the dog section of our store so you can take it out yourself at home.

HAPPY TAILS! Visit the Canine Corner on this site to see photos and videos of many of our dog visitors at the wash and those posted by members of our Facebook Dog Lovers group.

Below is a video of removing dog hair from carpet mats, followed by a before and after of one of the mats.