Upholstery Cleaning

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They are cooler than leather in hot weather, and if you take care of them they’ll take care of you. They absorb dirt, liquids, odors, and stain more readily than leather. If left too long, the nasties get deep into the seat support material as well and become very difficult, if not impossible, to get completely out. The extractors we use to shampoo upholstery and then extract the dirt do the best possible job because they are extremely powerful, more so than most extractors used by others. Therefore they clean deeper than others in order to avoid having deep down dirt work its way back to the surface.

Front Seats – Before and After

Rear Seats – Before and After

3 Exterior Tunnel washes w/ no-scratch neoprene brushes, up to 19 treatments incl. hand prep; 3 Express Interior Details, Full range Luxury Details- Clay, Buff, Paint Protection, Seats, Carpets, Paint, & Headlight Restoration, Scratch Removal &more