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Clay Buff and Wax
Clay Buff and Wax
Clay Buff and Wax

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CLEANER QUICKER – Making Cars Look New Again                    

Bill Johnson felt like he’d taken a short cut to heaven. It was March, 1994, and he had just emerged from Oak Creek Canyon to be awed by red rock formations. So began his love affair with Sedona. On Debbie’s first visit, she fell in love too, and after renting a second home for years they ultimately moved here full time in 2011.

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The Cleaner, Quicker Experience 

By Timothy Denman   07/01/15

car-wash-sedonaTraditionally car wash ownership is a lifelong pursuit. The industry is filled with stories of owners and operators that cut their teeth scrubbing fenders in their teenage years, working their way up through the ranks to eventually take the reins of their own wash. Times are certainly changing. The high cost of entry has forced many would-be owners to pursue alternate careers and opened the doors for investors that have made their marks in other fields to take a crack at car washing.

Bill and Debbie Johnson both had highly successful, decades-long careers in the corporate world before turning their attention to car washing. While not raised in car wash tunnels, the husband and wife ownership team are every bit as committed to their new careers as they were to their old, and bring a fresh, business first perspective to the industry.

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Clay, Buff, Wax, and Paint Protection

Clay Buff, Wax, and Paint Protection Read more

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Leather Seat Cleaning and Conditioning. Learn more.

Sap and Tar Removal

Upholstery Cleaning  Learn More 

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Carpet Cleaning Read/see more

Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing

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Wheel Detail

Paint and Headlight Restoration See more

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Scratch Removal See/read more

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Swirls & Ghost Removal  Learn more

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Mud Removal

Pet Hair Removal

Dog Hair Removal Learn more

Sap and Tar Removal

Sap and Tar Removal Learn more

Remove Caustic Mag Chloride

Remove Caustic Mag Chloride Learn more

Get the Bugs Off Fast!

Get the Bugs Off Fast! Learn more 

Soft Top Cleaning and Conditioning

Soft Top Cleaning and Conditioning See More

Tire Conditioning

Tire Conditioning 

What Our Customers Say

Meet some of our wonderful customers and hear what they say about our express wash and detailing services at our Sedona Cleaner Quicker Car Wash and Auto Detail Shop.

Louie, Sedona AZ

Louie Z., Sedona AZ

In my 39 years working for Ford Motor Company, I drove a minimum of 100 miles per day and had my car washed twice a week. After experience in all 50 states, I never received a more thorough inside and out cleaning of a vehicle than at Cleaner Quicker. Without a shadow of a doubt you have the finest car wash in the U.S.!Read More

Your entire organization is geared to total customer satisfaction and perfection. You have my rating of par excellence. I only wish your car wash was located near my residence as I would be there very frequently.

Gary B., Boulder, Colorado

Gary B., Boulder, Colorado

Being a car-guy since the ‘60’s, I have had the good fortune to have frequent car washes in all 50 states across our great country. Cleaner Quicker is The Best. Period!

Lonnie R., Los Angles, CA

Lonnie R., Los Angeles, CA

I pay a $100 at home for the likes of your $40 Platinum-Platinum. Great job! See you on our next visit to Sedona.

Gillian G, Connecticut

Gillian G.,  Connecticut

I drove my car cross country for 5 days from Connecticut to get here, and it was filthy, and these guys at Cleaner Quicker have done an amazing job of cleaning it inside and out. The car is actually better than it was when I also detailed it in Connecticut for $75 before coming out here, and the service here only cost me $40.Read More

The people are really friendly. The staff is courteous. They really are attentive to detail. The lounge is amazing. It’s really comfortable and cool. The views are awesome of the red rocks, and there are 40 varieties of coffees and teas in the lounge to choose from. It’s a great place, a lot of fun, and I’m grateful for it. So come here.

Barbara b sedona

Barbara B., Sedona, AZ

It’s a miracle! 

Nicolle C. Tuscon, Az

Niccolle C.,  Tucson, Az

We are on the road between Tucson, Phoenix and Sedona quite a bit, and needless to say our black BMW X5 receives quite a hit from dirt to bugs to brake dust coated rims! So Cleaner Quicker is our place to get our car looking brand new! We usually choose the Platinum wash and Gold or Platinum detail which leaves the car shining. But recently we added the wheel detail, and the clay, buff and hand carnauba wax. WOW! Read More

You can use that car as a mirror! It feels like silk, and the car actually repelled any rain or dirt. UNBELIEVABLE! The team there are extremely personable, quick and get a ton accomplished in a short amount of time. One of the employees actually came and got us in order to go through all that was done and to make sure we were happy. I feel that Cleaner Quicker offers a great value for all they do on each service, and the results are terrific! We also enjoy sitting and waiting in their cafe, which offers a large hot and cold drink selection, snacks, all kinds of merchandise, and beautiful art from local artists. And of course we always look forward to seeing Turk, the owners’ adorable Golden Retriever! Thank you Cleaner Quicker!

Great service! Great new remodel! My car was immaculate and sparkling! And all this from a locally owned and run business! You can’t go wrong with Cleaner Quicker!

Gillian G, Connecticut

Lisa W.,  Sedona AZ

I’ve brought my black BMWX3 to Cleaner Quicker a few times and they never disappoint. The first time I had been gone for a while and the BMW had been parked under a tree. To my horror, there was sap and tree gunk all over the entire vehicle. These guys restored it in no time at all. I was stunned.Read More
 Then they cleaned my wheels. I had bought the BMW used and I figured the wheels were just shot. They were totally coated with black grime that seemed bonded on from the NW winter. But that wasn’t the case. Cleaner Quicker got my wheels looking brand new. I NEVER thought that was even possible! Then they did a clay, buff and wax. I had no idea how bad my car looked until I saw it afterwards. It looked like a brand new car. It’s AMAZING! These guys are miracle workers. I’m so happy!!! 
Sedona Car Detailing

Anita M., Sedona AZ

When I pulled up to collect the car I truly did not recognize it. I couldn’t be happier! Bill and the team at Cleaner Quicker Car Wash positively transformed my car! My poor Subaru had been the subject of abuse this past year, including driving to Prescott four times weekly, sharing him with a teenage son and a dog, all the while living on a dirt road. Their team is professional, friendly, and thorough. (I still think they may have swapped out my car!)

Mystery of the Disappearing Dust

Michael N., Sedona, Az.

Truly amazing. I feel like my car has been reborn! My 1997 Toyota Camry’s exterior finishing looks like it is a 2016 model now. Living in Sedona and often driving on dusty roads, such as down to Red Rock Crossing, I gave up on trying to keep the car clean before Cleaner Quicker opened their car wash. Read More

The blowing dust just coated it again as soon as I drove on a dirt road after the wash, or grime from the highway got on it after a rain, so why bother? But, it was time for my every 3-4 months wash, and I took the Platinum wash and Platinum detail. This time it was totally different. The dust just blew off the car when I drove down the dirt road, and was still gleaming a week later as though it just been washed that day. It was as though it had become “super car” or had a magic cape — immune to dust, dirt and rain spots. So I asked what they did. Bill told me that almost all cars have minute swirls and scratches from poor cleaning equipment or bad detailing. These create friction on the finish that holds on to dirt. So their Platinum wash first does a deep clean with a hand prep and multiple cleaning treatments, and finishes with a high pressure cleaning that is so powerful it blasts out any dirt left in the many little swirls and scratches, leaving the car super clean. Then they put on a RainX and Carnauba wax which fill in the tiny imperfections while coating the car, which not only leaves the car shiny but makes it very slippery to help shed dirt and water. The interior clean they did was just as good, and the price for both was way less than what I paid for comparable service when I lived in Washington state and California. Recently they’ve also done a clay, buff, and wax to remove all the swirls and tinyscatches and add a heavy wax layer and it’s even shinier and silkier. Now I’ve joined their Platinum unlimited wash plan because I can wash it and refresh the wax coating any time I want for less than the cost of 2 washes a month. Hurray to Bill and Debbie for making me proud of my car again! 

Ivory, Sedona, Az.

Ivory, Sedona AZ

I have been taking my car here every two weeks for the last 5 months. The first time I went there, the owner, Debbie, greeted me with a big smile and made me feel very welcome. She went out of her way to ensure I got what I needed. The price was lower than what I used to pay in Phoenix. My wait was less than 15 minutes. That included a wash, inside cleaning, and vacuuming. I was surprised when the guy came in to tell me my car was ready. Read More

They did a great job, and have continued to do so.

When they offered Unlimited Car Washes for a monthly fee, I went for it. It has paid for itself over and over. I have a nice car and I like to keep it looking good. Yesterday I went here and they were closed. I walked in to talk with staff and find out when they would be open again. It turns out that they were closed because it had been raining. It had stopped, so the owner opened up the car wash for me and they washed my car. I really appreciated that. Another good job.

Their waiting area is the best I have ever experienced. It is clean, and neat. That includes the restroom. They offer 42 flavors of coffee, hot chocolate and tea. It is free between 9-9:30 am. They also offer free popcorn. I appreciate that they have good magazines available. For tourists, there are vortex books, Sedona souvenirs, and even as a local I have found interesting items for sale there. The location could not be more convenient for me. I can stop by here on my way to work. Woohoo!

Sedona Car Detailing

Sheri C., Sedona AZ

Based on what a fabulous job these guys did on my original wash, I decided to take my 94 jeep in for a full detail. Before this I was going to have it painted because the hood and top had so much sun damage. When I went to pick my jeep up I could see it shining from the street! See start to finish photos It now looks more like a classic/vintage car rather than an old beater. It no longer needs a paint job and it STILL shines over two months of rain and mud and sitting in the sun all day. Read More

They also detailed the inside and got that “old car” smell out. I know one thing, if I ever go to sell any of my cars, I will always take it here first, because I think this added more value to my car.

Julie Z, Sedona AZ

Julie Z., Sedona AZ

I visited Cleaner Quicker because my SUV was filthy inside and out… I opted for Platinum, inside and out…When I lived in Dallas, TX, I paid at least $70 for a similar job. I got out of Cleaner Quicker paying only $50. I’m instantly happy.Read More

I couldn’t possibly have done it quicker or gotten it cleaner than they did. I visited Cleaner Quicker because my SUV was filthy inside and out… I opted for Platinum inside and Platinum outside. Silver inside is about $7, Gold $13 and Platinum $23 for the detail. The outside is from $9 to $17, depending on how much hand prep and how many treatments you want. The differences lie in how deeply the car is cleaned and treated ie: remove bugs by hand, vacuum inside. They charge extra for oversized cars, additional seat rows…as well as extra dirty cars. To be expected, takes longer. They’ve done wonders with the building. Just ask the owner how much work they had to do to bring the business up to acceptable standards. They replaced the entirety of washing mechanisms with brand new, top of the line systems! Ask how extensively they treat the water used to wash the cars. It’s impressive. There’s free WiFi, comfy chairs, snacks, ice cream and beverages for sale and free, freshly popped popcorn. (GMO corn, I’m sure, but one step at a time here) There’s a great patio to relax on. There are magazines and newspapers as well. I don’t mind waiting in a place like this.

Maralea N., Flagstaff AZ

I have used the services of this car wash 4 times now. Twice for my personal car (may I add, I LOVE MY CAR) and twice for fleet cars that I maintain for my job. I took my personal car in not long after they opened – I drive a very red luxury car and I am always nervous to l