The Cleaner Quicker Experience

By Timothy Denman

Traditionally car wash ownership is a lifelong pursuit. The industry is filled with stories of owners and operators that cut their teeth scrubbing fenders in their teenage years, working their way up through the ranks to eventually take the reins of their own wash.


Times are certainly changing. The high cost of entry has forced many would-be owners to pursue alternate careers and opened the doors for investors that have made their marks in other fields to take a crack at car washing.

Bill and Debbie Johnson both had highly successful, decades-long careers in the corporate world before turning their attention to car washing. While not raised in car wash tunnels, the husband and wife ownership team are every bit as committed to their new careers as they were to their old, and bring a fresh, business first perspective to the industry.

Bill, the former CEO, CFO, and management consultant, and Debbie, a former CFO and strategic planning executive, know what it takes to run a business and specialize in turning a struggling enterprise into a market leader.