Paint Protection Treatment

We also offer Paint Protector in addition to Carnauba wax. Paint protector is a synthetic coating that has 5 advantages.

  1. It is temperature resistant up to over 600 degrees. Its high-temperature resistance means that it will stand up even on a black vehicle when parked in the hot summer sun in Arizona when surface temperatures could cook a steak.
  2. It is more robust than even the best Carnauba wax. It provides a harder, tougher, and thicker coating which that is more abrasion resistant to the gritty sand and dirt of Arizona’s geology. In fact, fine scratches and swirls can be buffed out without destroying the protection. On our first application, a small amount was spilled on top of the rear bumper on a black BMW and hardened overnight. We were amazed to find it took over 5 minutes to get it off with a strong solvent
  3. As a result of both these factors, it lasts 2 to 3  times as long as even the highest quality wax.
  4. Special additives make it extremely silky even compared to Carnauba wax.
  5. Likewise, other additives give it an even deeper shine than Carnauba wax.

We started offering paint protector at the urging of our customers and sure enough, our customers were right again. The majority of our hand waxes are now paint protector.

Miracle Hood Renewal (Clay, Buff, Wax, and Paint Protector)

Protect your car from the Arizona sun, try our paint protection treatment – see and feel the difference!