The water in our tunnel is “Pure and Purer”

Many car washes do little if anything to treat their water to protect your car. We go to great lengths to make sure our water will not threaten your vehicle’s finish. We thoroughly purify our water to ensure there are not even the smallest contaminants in it to degrade your finish. Our water goes through three stages. We first soften it to remove all minerals. Then we filter it through charcoal to purify it. And lastly we run the final rinse water through Reverse Osmosis until our instruments show us its purity is 000 particles per million. That RO water goes into its own tank and is used for the final rinse. The non-RO, but yet softened and charcoal filtered, portion is used for earlier washing and rinsing needs in the tunnel. So our two types of water are pure and purer. Read more here:
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