Dog hair is one of the toughest detailing challenges we face because it often gets embedded in the piles, not only making it tough to pull out but often embedded end-in, not leaving a good cross section for the vacuums to suck on. Our super powerful central vacuum system is far more powerful than shop vacs or the stand-alone vacs other washes use, so is vastly more effective; and the extension tips on our hoses are designed, if used properly, to help loosen embedded hair. However, some of the dog hair is often embedded too deep to get it all out. Then we go to plan B:  using a special stone similar to a pumice stone to drag the hair out with repeated strokes over the same area, each time getting a little more hair loose. It’s a slow, painstaking process, and we have to charge extra then depending on the severity of the problem.

However, the degree of difficulty depends on two factors- the type if dog hair and the type of carpet. Longer do hair is easier than short or medium because longer strands are laying on the surface rather than embedded so the vacuums have a better cross suction to suck on. Carpets vary considerably between brands. Those with tightly woven pills are tougher to deal with because the hold the embedded hairs more tightly. Of course, the color of the hair versus carpet also makes a difference in how far you have to go before it’s not visible. We inspect for these factors in addition to the quantity of hair in estimating the time and hence cost of removing it.

Our wash customers can use our vacuums free of charge as long as they want, so they can go after it themselves with our extra power and special nozzles. We also sell pumice stones in the store in our customer area to help them get the tough stuff if they wish.