We love supporting the Sedona and Verde Valley community by trying to providing the finest quality car care anywhere, and also in supporting those in need and worthwhile causes and services. Below is a partial list of events and activities that we have sponsored and consider an integral part of our contribution to the Sedona Community. We do this through financial contributions and/or contributions of the carwash, detailing, and restoration services that can be used to raise money for the charity or cause.

  1. Marine Corps League Toys for Tots- Commanders Award 2015,16,17,18 by setting up a toy store in our Café to facilitate customers buying and contributing toys.
  2. Red Rock Middle School Annual Fair
  3. Red Rock High School Scorpion supporter
  4. St. Joseph School
  5. Halloween Candy for Kids in Uptown and candy to customers for trick or treaters
  6. Marine Corps League- Marines helping Marines- veteran support
  7. 10,000 books for 10,000 souls- EarnedInnocence.com – veteran support
  8. Marine Corps League- 89 Flags for 89A
  9. Verde Valley Military Service Park and Memorial
  10. Friends of Sedona Police Memorial and fundraising gala
  11. Sedona Police Special Olympics
  12. Stop Human Trafficking- so far 72 pairs of shoes and over 300 socks for victims
  13. Sedona 30 Annual “Miracle” Charity fundraiser
  14. Verde Valley Caregivers
  15. Humane Society of Sedona
  16. Verde Valley Habitat for Humanity
  17. Yavapai Food Council
  18. Sedona Community Foodbank
  19. Canned Sedona
  20. Old Town Mission
  21. Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valle
  22. Elks Lodge charity drives
  23. Rotary club charity drives
  24. Cornucopia Community Advocates
  25. Verde Valley Medical Center
  26. Sedona Art Center
  27. Sedona Film Festival Sponsor
  28. Mary Fisher Theater sponsor
  29. Sinfonietta
  30. Sedona Chili Cookoff
  31. Sedona Wolf Week

Organizations and Causes like these, and the support from locals they receive, make Sedona the wonderful community it is. We hope you will also support them and others.