DID YOU KNOW that acid rain and inadequately treated water leave a micro residue of contaminants adhering to your car’s finish that dulls the shine, holds on to dirt, and weakens the bond with wax. Unlike most car washes, we treat our water with reverse osmosis to 000 particles per million purity. It’s more pure than any water most of us have ever drunk. There are no contaminants in it to leave any micro-build up so it leaves your vehicle pristine and helps protect our environment at the same time. To protect the beauty and value of your vehicle, wash it often using RO water and especially after bad weather so micro-particles don’t build up on your finish. Today’s weather is awful, but the current forecast for the next week is excellent. So come on in later this week and get the road grime and contaminants off your car before they have time to degrade your car’s finish.